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From as far back as I can remember, God has given me three talents that I just cannot seem to avoid – the ability to relate to others, help people through hard times, and the ability to write and write well.

I have always been a writer.  I can vividly remember being in the 2nd grade and during my free time writing a story called The Magic Pumpkin – a story about a little boy who carves a pumpkin for Halloween that comes to life overnight.  They then go on this magical adventure through enchanted forests, running from evil villains, and finding a magical castle with rooms where the walls and ceilings close in on you.  The story ends with the magic pumpkin saving the boy’s life from the enclosing room.  (I was so stupid not to have published that story. What company wouldn’t buy a story that amazing for the simple fact a 2nd grader wrote it?  I could be a millionaire right now.  What in the world was I thinking?)  Point is, I am a writer.  I write everything from school reports to research proposals to poems to letters.  Simply put, I love to write and I do it well.

However, God’s gift to me goes far beyond writing.  He has given my the ability to be a problem solver, to relate to people, and to be the person everyone comes to for advice and wisdom. I am very in tune with people, seeing things others cannot, and relating to someone unlike anyone else can.  Simply put, I am an empath who has a heart of discernment but all on a heave dose of steroids.

More than that even, I have this NEED to help people; whether it is finding food or clothes for a family in need, making someone a meal, driving someone, or letting someone scream and yell at me simply because they need to vent.  I have this GREAT NEED to DO for others – to serve others, to provide for others, to meet the needs of others in any way, shape, or form that I can through my time, energy, experiences, skills, money, and resources… whatever and however I can help.  Sometimes, helping people requires hundreds of dollars and several days out of town with a group of kids who just need to be shown love while other times it is a simple phone call or text just to remind someone that they are loved and thought about.  Point is, I NEED to help others – it is a God given gift, and frankly, I am good at it.

My life has been challenging.  God has constantly tried me putting me through trial after trial emotionally, physically, spiritually, financially, through my health – you name it, I have been tested in that area.  I have great things about my life such as my children and great people and amazing experiences; but I have definitely had my share of hardships and struggles.

Recently, I decided to start reading this book called YES or NO, by Jeff Shinabarger.  I have to admit I am only three chapters in, but I already can feel God changing my life through the words in this book.  Nowhere in the book did it say anything about needing to start a blog, but reading it was as if this 30-ton truck slammed smack into my chest while God slapped me with reality and said, “ALLISON, WAKE UP!!! You have been wondering what to do with your life for years now and it is sitting right here in front of you.  You need to start a blog – share your wisdom and experiences with others.  Use your ability to write and research and relate to others in a way that will allow you to change lives and encourage others.  I have given you the talents of writing and relating to people and although you are using them, you are not using them in a combined effort for My purpose! You want to make a change in the world – this is the first step in how you are going to do that!”  It was literally one of those “oh my gosh, DUH! You’ve been so stupid for so long” kind of moments.

Do I think this is my only calling in life? No.  Do I think this is going to be the way I make an income and provide for my family? Probably not.  Nonetheless, do I feel like this is what God is calling me to do now? YES, 100%!  Therefore, it is time I take a leap of faith.  Put me skills and talents to use for God’s purpose and plan; to become a decision maker that steps up to the plate and starts doing what I am meant to do and being who I am meant to be.  I do not know God’s ultimate plan for this, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is part of it!

I know great things will come of this.  What those things are, I do not yet know.  However, great things WILL happen?   Will you be a part of it?