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Part 3 of the LOVE series comes out today so be on the lookout. It’s going to be an amazing one. It discusses the types of love and why understanding the types of love is so important to building a lasting long-term relationship; how we can use our understanding of the types of love to love someone else. It explores examples of the types of love from a biblical perspective; and who better to show us how to love and what love is and the types of love than Jesus himself?

The more I get into this series on LOVE the more I feel myself learning about love and the more I feel myself learning about who I am. I am so excited about this next post. And I’m more excited about what the rest of this series has in store. God is already doing amazing things and I know He has so many more amazing things in store for all of us! So jump on board and be on the look out for the next part in the LOVE series and be sure to spread the word!!!