“The fear of losing something that in some sense belongs to you is as significant as the hope of gaining some kind of meaningful togetherness.” – Baumeister and Leary (1995)

Have you been keeping up with the lessons on love – defining love, what the Bible says about love, the types of love, and the latest on whether or not we really need love. Love is so painful and full of let downs. Is it really worth all the heartbreak or is it something we can live without? Find out in Part 4 of the LOVE series!

Be on the look out for Part 5 coming soon on HOW WE LOVE



“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return” – Eden Abhez

Having had tough experiences with love, I have found myself giving up on love repeatedly, which raised the question – do we really need love? From my experience, love brings a ton of pain, hurt, and letdowns with so many negative emotions produced because of love. Is all the pain and hurt really worth it? Is love really necessary? However, despite all the times I have given up on love, I still find myself longing for love. Longing for my family to love me, my friends to love me. This deep desire for my kids to understand and know my love for them and for them to love me in return. Most of all, I crave love from the man of my dreams – the man God has out there for me…

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