Almost 4000 people in 37 countries have had the chance to read the latest in the LOVE Series – Part 5: Showing Love. Have you taken the time to read this amazing addition to the LOVE Series? Don’t wait! It’s worth the read!

“If you truly love someone, you show it by how you ACT towards that person” – Allison Wortham



With talking about whether we need love and learning all that Fisher had to share about men and women responding to love, I got to thinking, “If men fall in love faster than women and with just as much passion, then why does it seem like they do not show love for as long?”  Now, this might just be me that feels this way, but from my experiences, guys only romance the girl the first few months of a relationship and then it all ends.  No more surprise flowers or treats, a lot less cuddling and kisses, and way fewer actual conversations.  It feels as if the more a man claims to love you, the less he is likely to do all these things that would make a woman feel loved.  I do not know about every other woman out there, but for me personally, the more I fall in…

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