My heart breaks
It bleeds until it’s numb
Filled with only sadness
It is empty for someone
A man who should love me
Without any sin or doubt
But it pounds with fear
For love there is no amount
If only he could look within
And see all that’s within me
He’d know how much I love him
For my true heart he would see
But for some reason men are stubborn
Foolish and obscene
Not seeing what’s right in front of them
All the love inside of me
To proud to say I’m sorry
Or to admit they are in love
Instead they flea from the truth
Flying away like a rabid dove
Don’t they realize how easy I am to please
A simple I’m sorry, an act of love
That’s all I really need
But alone I sit
In sorrow and in doubt
Afraid of what state I am in
A long and loveless drought
It’s so easy to make me happy
To put a smile upon my face
But no man seems to care
I’m such an easy chase
I wish someone could see all that I am worth
It would save such time, energy, and strength
And true love we could set forth
One day I hope there’s a man who cares
With love like I have for him
Together we could be united in all that life has to share
But for now I sit in silence
Drowning in my tears
But one day I know there will be a man
Who will take away my fears
Together we will conquer all
The fears and doubts and sorrows
And live a life full of love
Anticipating the tomorrows
For now I must learn to deal with all that life may bring
What other choice do I have
From this terrible life I cannot flea
Maybe one day someone will see my worth
See all I have to share
Encourage me and lift me up so that I may set forth
The journey I know I must seek
Will require a great deal of support
Truly much more than one could ever truly think
If only a man could see
The truth I have to share
Maybe he wouldn’t flee from me
When my life I start to bare
Is there such a man that exists
Who will support, encourage, and be there
For faith I am losing
That such a man exist with whom my life that I may share
My life has been tough
And battles I have faced
I will not embellish my life will waistless, foolish embrace
But I know the destiny in store
A life full of glory and prosperity
When that will come I do not know
Nonetheless this life will take place
If only there was a man to stand by me
But they are lacking and few in sum
So for now I sit in silence
Wishing for such a man to exist
For I know he has to be out there
So I guess I must persist
Continue in this life alone
Like I have for so long
Because no man has proved himself
To be worthy of my cause
I know I am meant to do great things
I just wish others could see
All the plans God has set out
For someone as heartbroken as me