At 26 years old (as of 2014), I have experienced more in my life than most individuals do in their entire lifetime.  Recently, God has called me to use the talents He has given me to help others.  God has given me the talent to write and write well, relate to others, and serve others.  Although I have been using these skills and talents for years, before now, I had not been using them in a combined effort for God’s plan and purpose for my life.

This blog is meant to provide encouragement, bring hope, and share wisdom with others through my ability to research, my personal experiences, my ability to relate to others, and through my wisdom – all words inspired by God.

There is no limit to what this blog will consist of – it will not be narrowed down to one single topic like cooking or how-to’s etc.  There is no limit to what the posts will discuss.  There may be times where there are series on a single topic, but the types of topics overall are endless.  They may consist of love, marriage, relationships, children, parenting, being a single parent, disciple, changing behavior, God, money management, time management, following your dreams, etc.  There is literally no limit.

So, hop on board as I take this journey and experience the wonders of God with me.  I know blogging is what God is calling me to do.  Do I think it is my only purpose in life? No.  I think God has much bigger plans for me that just blogging.  But, I do feel like blogging is God’s first step in my path and plan for my life.  Will you join me in experiencing God’s glory and wisdom and love?



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